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  1. mellee doesnt help w disarm [FIXED]
  2. sgs didnt fire on flag carrier (invis?)
  3. lost contact w sold2 [FIXED]
  4. sold doesnt resume walking beat after enemy contact
  5. Sold does weird flyign through air thing
  6. town4 respawns arent random
  7. dropped flag freezes midair for a second before drop
  8. SG firing animation when not firing
  9. spy hack for motion det takes too long [FIXED]
  10. thief hack for MD doesnt uncloak aura thief [FIXED]
  11. demo issues:scoreboard blank (doesnrt say BLUE or RED)
  12. scoreboard player colour white (sometimes)
  13. Demo POV switches to world
  14. if you reconnect you can vote multiple times
  15. the|navigator: If you are flying through the air and get the flag, you keep flying.
  16. dropped flag should fall on angle, like on brazil server
  17. OMC: Can’t move aroudn independently in demo mode?! 
    the|navigator: If someone is hacking, yes.
    the|navigator: It is linked to the inability to speed up, slow down, go backward in time, or go forward in time.
    the|navigator: Inability to move in free look is linked to those four things. 
    OneManClan: ok
    the|navigator: Oddly enough, if you end the demo when that happens and switch to another demo, the problem persists. [POSSIBLY FIXED]
  18. hold down ‘jump’ = spams jump sound/messages, doesn’t retrigger
  19. in tactical mode . bit dies , cant move?! [FIXED]
  20. why is shambler calling rocjetr!?!
  21. needs sound when flag returns
  22. make bot factory/extra bots bneed to be an achievement
  23. make bots swarm./flock so tyhey dont shoot each other
  24. make bots swarm./flock so tyhey can stand near player
  25. SSQC entity “player” has nextthink with no think function
  26. csqc cannot parse message
  27. tfortmap error(“Item != THE_FLAG sexytime”);
  28. didnt dl the blood pic
  29. dropping the flkag for no reason?)
  30. shoukdnt say bleu flag returned damn’ if youre blue
  31. dont show FD option for armybot if wps areunavauilbale
    suction pads stay after you pick stock
    stop guns shooting in prematcjfast deployment change message 2 min deplyoment
  32. walls up down announcement
    tranquiilizer goo
    long distance GL option
    visually see asscan / heat up
    hit by lightning shock
    biuld a wall
    motion detectior hack to supress firing
    Bee keeper
    Skins for chap, crusader etc 

    move flagsprite code to CSQC




    cant shoot during bot selection
    if abort hack it still shows time left

  33. bedlam12 ents fucked up, flag doesnt return

    select all bots even if you have none


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