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Introducing: The AGR ALARM

[EDIT: The following content was written/said when the AGR Alarm was referred to by it’s previous name, the Big Game Maker (‘BGM’). Apart from the name, everything else still relevant. Not sure if I should rewrite it, using the new name or just leave it, as the information is still 100% applicable (OMC: Oct 2016)]


Hey people!!!

A few months back, in my ‘Surviving in the Quake world” series, I mentioned a secret project, which I hope (believe!) will be a MAJOR game changer, by bringing back the era of 32 player AGR games. I know many of you thought  “OMC you’re nuts, there will be no more 32 player games, just accept it dude”. Maybe I am nuts, but …. the time has come reveal it, so hear me out.

Let me begin with a question:

Q1: Is there a time during the week, when you would drop what you were doing, to play in a 32 player AGR game?

Yes? Cool, me too! Of course, there hasn’t been a 32 player game for YEARS, but we both agree that there ARE people who would play RIGHT NOW, if one were available. This brings me to my second question for you:

Q2: Wouldn’t it be nice to know HOW MANY other people feel this way – RIGHT NOW?

Could it be that the number *was* 32? It’s hard to imagine that in the entire world, there aren’t  32 players, right now, somewhere, who would LOVE to play. But how can we know they are out there? If only we could have players put themselves on a ‘stand by’ list, and if the count reached 32, we could log in and play! The trouble is, it takes time and effort to check webpages, and who wants to waste time constantly checking a player list which will possibly NEVER reach 32. Unless .. we had a system where the checking was automated.. SO… I have a final question!

Q3: Wouldn’t it be nice to just register your availability (whenever you have time), and then *NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING* … and *if* 32 people become available, to be alerted by an alarm?

If your answer to all three questions is YES, then your heart should be pounding right now by now, because:

The Big Game Maker is HERE!

  1. Log in with your correctly spelled (and registered) player name.
  2. Type in the email address you used to register (to prove it’s really you!)
  3. Select the minimum number of players you would be willing to ‘drop everything and PLAY’ with right NOW.
  4.  Click ‘put me on standby’.. and …. that’s IT!! NOTHING ELSE TO DO! Leave the webpage running in the background, and when enough players become available, you will hear the LOUD AGR Alarm (test your audio levels w the button)



Q: What’s this ‘AGR Mailing List email address’ business?
A: It’s to make sure that all the entries are legit players, and thus protect the integrity of the BGM. For more info on registering as a trusted player, click here.

Q: What if I have to leave, and/or become unavailable to play – how do I log out?
A: You don’t have to log out, just close the browser!

Q: Do I have to type in this info every time?
A: No, when you click ‘put me on standby’, your info is saved, and next time you log in, the form will be automatically filled.

Q: Does this work on mobile phones?
A: Android yes, Apple iOS no. (Well it does, but the sound/alarm wont play)

Q: What if I change my mind about the minimum players number?
A: Just hit F5, and when the page refreshes, put in your new minimum, and click ‘put me on standby’.

Q: Does this use a lot of bandwidth?
A: No, it sends a minuscule chunk of data every minute or so, just to tell the BGM you’re still there.

Q: I tried it, and there’s noone/very few people in the list – whats the point?
A: Here’s the point: Right now .. as I type these words, I’m the only one on the standby list. The fact that it uses minimal resources, means I can leave it on 24/7. the fact that there’s an alarm, means I dont have to check anything, or DO anything. I click the ‘test my audio button’ to make sure my audio is on, and I forget it, safe in the knowledge that I’m investing in the survival, and possibly a renaissance of interest in the type of gameplay I love. This will NOT happen overnight. It’s going to take time till word spreads, and more people make logging into the BGM a part of their daily routine. Be patient, make it a habit to log in whenever you *would* play. Remember, the alarm will let you know when/if the BIG game has arrived, so you don’t have to DO anything. Log in, leave it in the background, forget about it, and …let’s see what happens!

Q: What if there’s a technical problem?
A: Check the comments below to see if it’s been dealt with, otherwise, leave your own comment w details on what happened.

Q: The screen looks pretty static, how do I know I’m still logged in?
A: The time display at the bottom should update every 10 seconds. If it doesn’t, hit refresh, and log in again.

Q: Do your really think this will create a 32 player game?
A: If 32 people put themselves on the ‘stand by’ list at the same time, the answer is YES!


WHAT: The BGM, the “Big Game Maker”


WHERE:  -> HERE <-

WHO: Everyone who wants to play in a 32 player game!

WHY: Because it just.. might… HAPPEN!!!

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