Rock2ober 2014: The Aftermath

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made this happen; it was one of the most amazing gaming experiences of my life. I invite you to leave your comments below.

Thanks to the Fountain Of Knowledge: Spike (

Thanks to the Promoters: Mindf!3ldzX (, pleuraXeraphim (, and Mark (Q1N).

And a special thanks to those ruthless, sadistic maniacs who continue to show up for battle at the Weekly AGR Sessions at 23:00 GMT,  EVERY SINGLE WEEK: King of Ping, Wolfgang and Decimus!

Here are THE DEMOS!!!:
Rock2ober 2014 Part 1
Rock2ober 2014 Part 2

And finally, here’s the Player List, 7 minutes into Game 1, at the peak of  19/32:
player list

7 comments to Rock2ober 2014: The Aftermath


    Great games!!! Wish we would have had that Well game with that many also. That would have been awesome also. Thanks to all who came out to play!!!

  • Dark Satan

    Wish I could took part of this but, my computer collapsed but… maybe next year. But I liked the demos for sure.

    • Beltan

      You don’t have to wait until next year! The game is afoot every weekend…

      I recommend Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, and Ccleaner.

      See you soon…

  • Beltan

    From all of us, even those that never say it: Thank YOU, OMC. You are the essential maniac that keeps us all together!

    We’re gonna be here in 2015, bitches!
    We’ gonna be here FOREVA!

  • OneManClan

    UPDATE: The Rock2ober 2014 “part 1” mvd had a bug which made the demo look really dark. It’s been fixed, so please upload the new version (at the same link) and delete the old one. Enjoy!

  • Armaphage

    OMC, thanks again for putting this together. It was a blast, and I really appreciate the effort you put into it.

    And also a big “thank you” to everyone that played. We had a pretty good turnout, and it was a blast (even though I was on the losing team every damn game).

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