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Weekly AGR Session: 30th September 2012

Hey people!!

OMC’s overseas adventures have come to a conclusion, and I’m back in Melbourne. My jetlagged head is in a bit of a spin, but the one constant, the one thing that stayed with me, no matter where I was, has been the Weekly AGR Sessions. Quite amazing to be playing AGR in multiple locations – at night-time! It’s been a hectic week, I haven’t replied to many AGR related emails over the last three months (sorry guys, I’ll do it in the next few days), this website was down (hosting expired, and the $ reminder notice was sent by the webhost to an email I hadn’t checked), and now that I’m back, there is much on my mind … the future of the game, the players, the upcoming AGRv4, the upcoming Intermission maps (yes, that’s ‘maps’ plural!) and of course Rock2ober 2012. All will be discussed in my interview with AGRMania magazine during the week (those on the AGR Mailing List will get an email), meanwhile, it’s the last Sunday of the month, and we behold before us four maps of Spammadellic power, maps which will be the stage for that immortal struggle between Red and Blue, that place of reckoning which, well, let Beltan continue:

People with a vision set
the way they fight, the gear they get
the battle’s joined, their foe is met:
enraptured noob and deadly vet
the challenge is to change

Both appear and grab a pack
Blues defend and Reds attack
Some will build, upgrade, and hack
Others sprint, spam and detpack
the challenge makes you change

When foes block with shining light
or enemies elude your sight…
If one cannot match their might-
with bullets, lightning, fire, or blight…
champions who win the day
make the change to find a way.

All it takes is one concession
to make vict’ry your possession,
join our platform for expression:
What?: The Weekly AGR session.


When?: Sunday 22:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here:

Who?: Anyone who appreciates poetry

Why?: Because it’s gonna be poetry in motion.

1. 2phan7(42 minutes)
In intriguing map. I’ve been D’ing outside the FR building, but I’m still figuring out the best approach to this small and challenging map.

2. rock2 (62 minutes*)
Back to the basics, Spamadellica style!

3. caverns (52 minutes*)
That side path MUST be closed!

4. qdeth3/spit1 (52 minutes*)
YOU decide!


We use a voice chat ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. Download it, install it, and connect to, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. Password is sent to those on the AGR Mailing List, but if you ask nicely during the game, someone might help you out.

Thanks to Sapphired, this Session (and previous ones) will be available for download here.

OMC’s tip: If anyone knows how I can just make these tips show up randomly on a little section on the agr home page (using some kind of plugin?), let me know (im using wordpress/atahualpa theme)

I watched the demos for the times I wasn’t there and things went smoothly (mostly). Thanks Doc! I was quite happy for Doc to continuing his excellent work, but he has requested a break, and so at *his* request, I’m back at the helm.

One recurring issue is nonamers – and since usually they are the same people, the new policy will be to kick no-namers first, and ask them to change their name later. Player numbers have declined in the qw, so it is even MORE essential that the Sessions are free of dickheads.

One player seems to have an issues being recognised by the server as registered. Is there anyone else? Remember, spaces don’t work, so replace any spaces with an underscore (or something), and let me know. Also you need to email me if your IP changes, otherwise the server will think it’s an imposter.

I left map voting ON whilst I was gone, and it only confirmed why having a Map Schedule is a superior system. Map voting is now OFF, and I’ll be making Octobers Map Schedule soon, so if you have any requests as to what maps you’d like played (and when), NOW is the time to email me. I don’t actually get that many map requests these days, and I hope that’s a sign that people are basically happy the maps schedules.

see you Soon!!


5 comments to Weekly AGR Session: 30th September 2012

  • OneManClan

    Great Session. The highlights (imho) were the second half of 2phan, and second half of rock2. Caverns was good, but not great, though there were some awesome tries with multiple reds in the tunnel. Great D by Blue.. actually, it was probably a gg overall, marred by a sloppy first half. Demos are up – though iirc 2phan is called 2phan7_011012 – because in Australia it was 1st October. Sapphired (who we missed today), if you’re reading this can you please rename it so the date is ‘300912’, thanks.

  • Wolfgang

    Good short session (I had to get some sleep) but was frustrating in parts as I’m utterly convinced some TF players don’t actually know Spies exist. Stand in a queue and scratch your balls though and it’s everyone’s business. Of course I see this from both sides (playing spy as much as I do) but it’s a simple concept that is almost always overlooked. Treat everyone with suspicion. SPY CHECK EVERYONE!

    By the way – Having DM maps for intermissions is a great idea. People get their DM fix and then are ready for some teamwork once the actual game starts!

  • Beltan

    You guys have always been trying to tell me and I just didn’t realize that I was just jealous and mad that certain people have such a much better aim than me. Thanks for all the support all these years I REALLY appreciate you for putting up with my ignorance.

    You guys are TOTALLY AWESOME.

  • Beltan

    *and I’m REALLY SORRY about accusing someone of cheating when they OBVIOUSLY aren’t.

  • sapphired

    Saturday at 20:00 GMT
    AGR Sabotaged session today, free rules. Euro guys session, early US fights. Two maps. u decide. manual shuffle. trolling and sabotaging is allowed !!!

    I’l be there for sure dudes, join

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