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Weekly AGR Session: 17 April 2011

Ready to Rock!

Well… less than 48 hours to go, and I don’t know about you, but I’m already ready. Once again, the call goes out… to prepare… to wipe your monitors… and clean your mouses …  so you give your all .. at that Atrium of Anarchy we all know by now as the:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Sunday 22:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: Gurus who yearn for a true test of their skills.

Why: Because every cap is earned in AGR.


1. 1house5b (50 minutes*)
An interesting little map – From Reds point of view: GOOD NEWS: you start off with the flag! BAD NEWS: If you drop it, the flag returns immediately. Interesting.

2. ditch2 (60 minutes)
Usually we do this last, but lets see how it fares as game 2. Foyer D all the way, supplemented with Grid D.

3. crowns1 (60 minutes*)
Can’t decide whether I like this map or not. People keep requesting it, so i guess it’s ‘popular’, but I find it almost too confusing, and chaotic. Foyer D works well but it’s a little far from the respawns.  Key D popular, but then oftn 1/2 of Blue are at the crown itself – which halves Blues forces. I dunno.

4. 2tech4 (60 minutes)
Haven’t done this in a while so.. it’s time. There’s a lot of secrets in this map: sniper spotlights, dets, hidden rooms with special gifts, plenty of nooks and crannies deep in the enemy base – Blue: watch out for teles!

* times may vary depending on player numbers, vibe, and quality of teamplay.

AGR VENTRILLO SERVER, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. PASSWORD: agr4ever

OMC’s tip: Remember if you’re a warlock, and you have blood on your knife, you can spawn a scrag or a piranha, without using up your kills

Progress report: Project ‘DynaMirror’!!!
Nearly here.. nearly here, almost ready.. maybe next week.. details soon!

See you all Sunday!


11 comments to Weekly AGR Session: 17 April 2011

  • Ratman-[MS]

    Very cool, very good job.
    Can’t wait to play naked and get owned.

    By the way, the white font on off-white background makes this form kinda goofy.

    Thank you,

    • OneManClan

      Yea, I’m still fiddling w the settings, haven’t really thought much about the various colour options – I think I prefer white text on black background vs black text on white.. I’m not crazy about the comments colour scheme – any suggestions appreciated!

  • Nined

    Hello, today i change my name to Nined, Sapphired is not sexy any more. There are fullmoon session, so be carefull, do not troll to much. I feel very irritable at fool moon, sorry about that.

    1-st map me wanna skip it. For the 2nd i’ll be high enougth and ready to fragga.

    OMC, may be you give the community about 20% of their rights, like to vote for map or features.

    Feel not 100% sexy about new feature for spy. Spyes are not indicated to teammates as spyes and they kill you while being disguised. So fucking irritable. People already asked you about this feature.

    Find div#respond and change background-color value to something more grey. I feel insane about this white bg too. It’s fucking irritatiable. I’ll would not post any comments untill backgroud color change.

    Thank you for understanding.

    People who played at def, do not obtain ENGI syndrome, go tanky, go solder, go brave knifer. Help you team mates. Defend the FLAG not the base!

  • Beltan

    The reply color scheme appears to suck awful, so I hope you didn’t pick that. I like a slightly muted orange on a black background. Makes it contrast out well without burning your eyes out of their sockets and without giving you a headache like blue-on-red, heh heh.

    See you guys later.

  • Ratman-[MS]

    Change This:



    It’ll give you a white foreground (font color) on black background, for that form object only.

  • Ratman-[MS]

    Change This w/o quotes: “


    This w/o qoutes: “

    It’ll give you a white foreground (font color) on black background, for that form object only.

  • Ratman-[MS]


    Change This w/o parens (”


    This w/o parens ()

    It’ll give you a white foreground (font color) on black background, for that form object only.

  • Ratman-[MS]


    div id=”respond” style=”background-color:#000000;color:#FFFFFF”

  • Doc

    pretty good games. my knifing was a little off cause my dinner kept distracting me, but good times were had.

  • Ratman-[MS]

    Doc’s an AA cheating knifer because he’s always on the winning team. I think he uses a script (possibly Egyptian) to speed up his switchblade. I have also witnessed him using a teleporter as a knife.

  • OneManClan

    A good Session, but not ‘great’ (imho). Two buggy maps (1house1b, and 2tech4), and much too much time wasted dealing w the dickhead (or was there two of them). The teamwork was lacking in ditch2 (well there were 3 people on Blue talking to each other, I have no idea what the rest were doing), crowns was pretty exciting, Blue were impressive. We had a chap (me) and were at the entrance of their KeyRoom, but Blue (very smart) kept coming out and hassling us further out. Foyer D means that Blue had trouble getting to the key room undamaged. In hindsight, Red should have focussed on dominating the foyer, to prevent the Blues getting to the key room. there was a killer tesla there btw. Actually crowns was a pretty action packed game. Street1 was good, but I spent much of the game (as Blue) feeling helpless – the D was disorganised and therefore hit and miss, and of course, 5 minutes of ‘miss’ can cost Blue the game in AGR. Can’t wait for next weeks Spamadellic (+ Non Solid!) Session!

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