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Weekly AGR Session: April 3rd 2011

Hey people!

Another week, another day, another moment, and another selection of 4 maps designed to terrify, excite, frustrate, and inspire as we enter that University of Umbrage we know as the:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Sunday 22:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here. NOTE: Daylight savings are happening this time of year, USA had it a few weeks ago, and Australia has it THIS WEEKEND! 22:00 GMT for East Coast Australians is now Monday Morning 8am

Who: People who let their weapons talk for them

Why: Because the conversation will be intense!


1. walmart (50 minutes*)
This map has been a big surprise for me. I thought originally that it was gimmicky, and silly, but the structure allows for much intrigue. With the FR so close to the Blue Respawn, Red will need to take advantage of Blues Respawn delay. Blue will have to move OUT if they have a chance of stopping Red. It’s the classic RR D principle. If Blue dont stop Red outside, there will be too many undamaged Reds at the FR entrance, and the flag will be lost.

2. 2night2 (60 minutes)
Seems ages since we did this, and empty RR will mean certain defeat for Blue

3. caverns (60 minutes*)
I’m really really happy that this map has been rediscovered and resurrected by the Weekly AGR Sessions. Side path Defense means everything! Close the tunnel Blue!

4. 2fort5r (60 minutes)
The Classic, the 12 bar blues of TF.

* times may vary depending on player numbers, vibe, and quality of teamplay.

AGR VENTRILLO SERVER, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. PASSWORD: agr4ever

OMC’s tip: Use ventrillo – it’s really silly not to.

They will be turned OFF today, but they didn’t seem *that* controversial last week, so.. maybe they should be a ‘normal’ part of AGR.. Anyway the original link (and players comments are here)

Supa has written a brilliant breakdown of Demoman basics you can check out here.

GrappleSlip means that if you damage a grappler enough, they will ‘slip’ (ie pause) on the line; the more damage, the longer the pause. It’s still being fine tuned, but what this means is that it is no longer pointless if a grappler is grappling away with your flag – you can still stop them. Realistically it might take some heavy weaponry, especially if the Grappler is tanked up, but hey, at least Blue now have the option, rather than watching helplessly as the grappler flies away. Also GrappleAttachDelay means that when the grapple line is long, there is now a noticeable delay before it ‘picks up’ the player. The longer the line, the longer the delay. Only noticeable at large distances, it will only really make the grappler vulnerable for a second or so, but hey… if you’re blue and you see a LONG grapple line across the span of the map, you get an extra second to figure out where the grappler is standing, and tell him how you feel. Of course the whole thing is still being adjusted so that it ‘feels fair’ to everyone, demos will be carefully studied, your feedback welcome.

See you all Sunday!


8 comments to Weekly AGR Session: April 3rd 2011

  • Borat

    Wallmart – really not a fun o this map, it’s one-way-to-FR-map. It’s not good for Borat sexy health

    • OneManClan

      That’s why it’s an excellent example of why Blue need to D *before* the FR. All that the FR should have is 1 engie (+maybe a piper in the doorway), and all other Blues doin’ the word of stopping Reds outside.

  • OneManClan

    Its 12:50am Australia time, I’m off to bed, and I just want to say that I CANNOT f**king wait for today’s Session!!! See you in 7 hours!

  • Doc

    Borat, you remind me more of the other character, Bruno. 🙂

  • Borat

    Sleep good OMC, ENGI god bless on you

  • OneManClan

    Well Game 1 Wallmart was great(when Blue left the FR), Game 2 2night2 was Great (when Blue left the FR), Game 3 caverns was absolutely pitiful, Blues not realising that Red were entering (and escaping!) via the side tunnel!… ugh.. anyway, Game 4 2fort5r was GREAT (when Blue left the FR). I can’t wait to see the demos, I’ll post a link on this thread soon.

    I really really really want a proper, organised team, playing correctly, so the next big obsession will be the Dream Team. Four or five organised players, on vent, working to a plan, making history. I’ll be making a post soon.

  • OneManClan

    Here’s the demo page:

    games from last week have _040411 at the end (though technically it should have been 030411, but I normally date the demos from GMT time – though games 3 and 4 are technically Monday GMT – whatever, its done. 🙂

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