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Manifests and Running FTE in a browser

  1. Rename the FTE.exe “YourModname.exe”
  2. Make a favicon/*ico image file (the icon the exe uses) for your mod, and use something like resource hacker to edit FTEs default one.
  3. Make a default.fmf (test) file as follows:

FTEManifestVer 1 // leave this as is
UPDATEURL // where to get updated fmf file
GAME Quake // not sure what this does
NAME “Your Mod Name” // not sure what this does

BASEGAME id1 // if you’re using id1 content
GAMEDIR fortress
disablehomedir 1 // this means the game installs into *this* directory, and doesn’t  access//affect the rest of your comp/installs/files

//first, so we don’t favour it over pak1.pak
//avoids distributing the demo as anything other than the demo.
archivedpackage id1/pak0.pak – id1/pak0.pak
package id1/pak1.pak

//autoupdate stuff
downloadsurl “” // this is how the client finds later versions of itself


4. Your files folder structure should look like this



C:\My_Games\MyModName\FTE\autoexec.cfg // mine just has the line:

alias f_startup “connect”

(which connects to the AGR server and starts the client downloading the files)

C:\My_Games\MyModName\FTE\default.cfg // which contains default binds so new players can play instantly


C:\My_Games\MyModName\id1\gfx\conback.png // identifies your mod during the download/install process

5. Zip it up, and .. that’s IT


Spike Says:

<Spoike> got an http mirror for your pak files?
01[13:56] <OneManClan> u mean the skins thing? that isnt up get
[13:56] <Spoike> I mean in general tbh
01[13:56] <OneManClan> ie todays weirdness is not related to skins
01[13:56] <OneManClan> um not really
[13:56] <Spoike> I’ve been working on the browser stuff again.
01[13:57] <OneManClan> ah
[13:57] <Spoike> need a real test for it
01[13:57] <OneManClan> tell me what you want me to dso
01[13:58] <OneManClan> the only pak file i have is a test one with 1/2 of the the new skins
01[13:58] <OneManClan> which are messed up
01[13:58] <OneManClan> as per that pic i posted to i3d
[13:58] <Spoike> the browser plugin ties into the autoupdate mechanism
[13:58] <Spoike> so once you have the browser plugin installed, it’ll autoupdate automagically
01[13:58] <OneManClan> also the server gibes some warking about ‘tf_scout01 was malformed’ or something
[13:59] <Spoike> (currently only in svn builds)
[13:59] <Spoike> the site you visit will need to point the engine to some url, where it can see a list of packages
01[14:00] <OneManClan> ah
01[14:00] <OneManClan> well i have
[14:00] <Spoike> basically a file with: “packagename” “crc” “mirror1” “mirror2”
[14:00] <Spoike> the engine will then load each of those packages and download as needed
01[14:01] <OneManClan> Im new to all this, so if you can dumb it down to a step by step that would work well
[14:01] <Spoike> it will not load any specified from other sites, but if the two match, the files can be shared
[14:01] <Spoike> what I need from you is basically a list of mirrors
[14:02] <Spoike> which pk3s/paks to download and from where
01[14:02] <OneManClan> i thought a ‘mirror’ was simply an alternative address to download a file from
[14:02] <Spoike> depends how you define it tbh
[14:02] <Spoike> in this case, I include the main source as a mirror
[14:03] <Spoike> its no different to the client
[14:03] <Spoike> its just a list of urls that the pak can be downloaded from
01[14:04] <OneManClan> im confused, are we talking about the fte qw client itself – a version which can be downloaded/installed within a browser?
[14:04] <Spoike> yes and no
01[14:04] <OneManClan> or the files which a client needs (the pak files?)
[14:04] <Spoike> there are multiple concepts here.
01[14:04] <OneManClan> ok, please dumb down further 🙂
01[14:05] <OneManClan> lol
[14:05] <Spoike> plugin (sits inside the browser process, if the process is used)
[14:05] <Spoike> engine (the .exe – the plugin starts this, or you can provide a batch file to start this or some other short cut)
[14:05] <Spoike> manifest (the file that the engine downloads to see which files need to be used/updated)
[14:05] <Spoike> packages (the pk3/pak files that need to be loaded by the engine
[14:06] <Spoike> plugin appears to be the easiest right now, at least for firefox
[14:06] <Spoike> chrome seems to have issues with my html though
[14:06] <Spoike> you don’t have to use the plugin if you don’t want to
[14:06] <Spoike> like I say, the plugin just embeds the engine. you can start it up via a batch program instead
01[14:06] <OneManClan> I like the idea of a plugin
[14:07] <Spoike> just fteqw.exe -manifest http://foo/blah.fmf
[14:07] <Spoike> and the engine will automatically load the paks specified as it would if it was loaded via the plugin
[14:07] <Spoike> add -autoupdate too and the engine will autoupdate
[14:08] <Spoike> right now, the plugin itself doesn’t autoupdate, only the engine autoupdates
01[14:08] <OneManClan> ok
[14:08] <Spoike> but as the plugin invokes the engine, things tend to work anyway
[14:09] <Spoike> I’d give you a test url, but it doesn’t pass on the manifest info from the page right now so you’d need to uninstall it or something later anyway
01[14:09] <OneManClan> is the issue that you would like to be able to update the plugin?
[14:09] <Spoike> nah, the plugin shouldn’t really need updating once installed
[14:10] <Spoike> its only the engine+content that needs updating
01[14:10] <OneManClan> ok
[14:10] <Spoike> content will be updated by you editing the manifest file to say which packages need to be used, and where to get them from
01[14:10] <OneManClan> ok
01[14:11] <OneManClan> so the ‘manifest file’ is some kind of txt document with a list of the urls where ppl can download stuff from?
[14:11] <Spoike> but those manifest files do contain crcs of some kind, and right now the only way to get those crcs is by starting up fte and seeing the error message that it gives about the wrong crc
[14:11] <Spoike> yeah
[14:11] <Spoike> id1/pak0.pak “0x4f069cac” “” “” “” “”
01[14:11] <OneManClan> crc: cyclic redundancy checks?
[14:11] <Spoike> is an example of how to steal nquake’s demo paks. 😛
[14:12] <Spoike> crc = some hash to ensure that there’s no version/distro conflicts
[14:12] <Spoike> (also to avoid drive-by-downloads infecting normal play)
01[14:13] <OneManClan> I dont know what drive-by-downloads is
[14:15] <Spoike> visiting a site and ending up getting an unwanted bullet… err… download
[14:15] <Spoike> packages are problematic as they can end up replacing everything
[14:16] <Spoike> like ending up not being able to run cutf, but only megatf… (hiss)
01[14:16] <OneManClan> because /fortress can contain abunch of stuff from different mods
[14:16] <Spoike> aye
[14:17] <Spoike> you want your stuff, not megatf/etc stuff
01[14:18] <OneManClan> so tell me what you need me to do
[14:18] <Spoike> id1/pak0.pak “0x4f069cac” “” “” “” “”
[14:18] <Spoike> give me lines like that. 😛
01[14:19] <OneManClan> um
01[14:19] <OneManClan> some file names, some addresses
01[14:19] <OneManClan> hold ojn
[14:19] <Spoike> packages and their source urls
01[14:19] <OneManClan> its 1 file name
01[14:20] <OneManClan> so you want me to put pak0.pak somewhere?
01[14:20] <OneManClan> or is that an example of a place pak0 already exists?
[14:21] <Spoike> that’s an example line
01[14:22] <OneManClan> filename, crc (no idea how this is obtained), and four places to dl the file?
[14:22] <Spoike> or just one place if you want
[14:22] <Spoike> I can do the crc, so you ewon’t have to initially
01[14:22] <OneManClan> ok, because you said “an http mirror for your pak files?”
01[14:23] <OneManClan> by *my* pak files, I thought you were referring to the new pak with the skins
[14:23] <Spoike> I mean the pak files required to run your mod (presumably not including maps)
01[14:24] <OneManClan> most of the files do not exist in paks, they are individual files (.mdl, .wav etc)
01[14:24] <OneManClan> I can put them in a pak though
[14:25] <Spoike> then you ough to put them in a pak or pk3 for this.
01[14:25] <OneManClan> ok
01[14:25] <OneManClan> the only reason for the pak/pk3 now is because of the 200+ skins for the new mod
[14:25] <Spoike> *ought
01[14:26] <OneManClan> ok so I should but everything into paks/pk3s and revisit this issue?
01[14:26] <OneManClan> but = put
[14:26] <Spoike> other files can still be loaded individually, but its best to put them in a single place
01[14:42] <OneManClan> hey i gtg, Melbourne is having a heatwave
01[14:42] <OneManClan> dizzy
[14:42] <Spoike> enjoy
01[14:42] <OneManClan> weak
[14:42] <Spoike> when you come back. 😛
01[14:42] <OneManClan> ill finish the pk3s asap
01[14:43] <OneManClan> cool so you need all the AGR stuff in paks?
[14:43] <Spoike> would be better than individual files, yes.
01[14:43] <OneManClan> ie includign all the customtf stuff that’s currently sitting as individual files?
[14:44] <Spoike> would be better than individual files, yes.
01[14:44] <OneManClan> cool
01[14:44] <OneManClan> mission acepted
01[14:44] <OneManClan> :0
01[14:44] <OneManClan> later Spoike
[14:44] <Spoike> multiple packs is good




[01:49] <Spoike> I’ve been messing around with manifest file type things today. :s
[01:49] <Spoike> both in fte and in android.
[01:50] <Spoike> gave em the ability to switch games too
[01:51] <Spoike> so load one manifest and you get quake, and a different one and the engine switches over to quake2 or whatever
[01:51] <Spoike> need to get custom games in there too. :s
[01:51] <Spoike> found some ‘nice’ bugs with fte’s q3 support in doing all this. :s
[01:52] <Spoike> the android stuff is because I want to be able to ‘open’ pak files with fte-droid as a way to install the paks
[01:53] <Spoike> because right now its all a bit arcane to get some game data installed on phones
01[01:59] <OneManClan> hm
01[01:59] <OneManClan> fte-droid = the android port of fte?
[01:59] <Spoike> yes
[02:01] <Spoike> windows builds have a sys_registerfileassociations command
[02:01] <Spoike> use that and it’ll associate itself with mvd, qwds, and even bsps right now. :s
[02:01] <Spoike> bsps it will try to install first
[02:01] <Spoike> with prompts
[02:02] <Spoike> but those prompts are windows-specific apis, so I need to reorganise half of this to use opengl menus for better portability
[02:02] <Spoike> anyway, mvds wil just directly play
[02:04] <Spoike> anyway, the idea is that ‘you’ can provide a manifest file that fte checks each time its started up and grabs new versions as required
[02:04] <Spoike> fteglqw -manifest foo.fmf
01[02:05] <OneManClan> you mean me as a programmer, or me as a client?
[02:05] <Spoike> you as a mod programmer.
01[02:05] <OneManClan> ok gitcha
[02:06] <Spoike> I’ll probably get it to load up a manifest from the working directory or something
[02:07] <Spoike> not really sure how to make it really convenient for users, other than them double-clicking the fmf file instead of the engine
[02:07] <Spoike> also, google chrome sucks.
01[02:08] <OneManClan> ill need to rtfm a little before i can follow all of what youre sayin’ here
[02:09] <Spoike>
[02:10] <Spoike> install the plugin, and you should get the idea – assuming you remember that the plugin is strictly generic, and the engine is actually a regular fte exe rendering to a child window of the browser
[02:11] <Spoike> the site tells the plugin the location of a manifest file to load. the plugin tells that to the engine, and the engine (down)loads all the content as needed
[02:16] <Spoike> either way I need a proper test for it. 😛
01[02:21] <OneManClan> how do you mean ‘proper test’?
[02:22] <Spoike> a complete, practical mod, rather than me hacking things together just because
01[02:26] <OneManClan> let me know if i can help
[02:26] <Spoike> write a manifest file that fully describes your mod. 😛
01[02:28] <OneManClan>
[02:28] <Spoike> pretty much
01[02:28] <OneManClan> IIRC i was supposed to give you a complete zip of *all* the files
[02:28] <Spoike> the file states all the files that should be downloaded
[02:29] <Spoike> as well as a bit of meta information that describes where it should be put
01[02:29] <OneManClan> so an ‘ls -l’
[02:29] <Spoike> almost
[02:30] <Spoike> that ‘in the shadows’ plugin has a manifest something like:
[02:30] <Spoike> id1/pak0.pak “0x4f069cac” “”
[02:30] <Spoike> shadows/pak0.pak “0xb1768147” “”
[02:30] <Spoike> first argument is the archive file name, relative to the basedir
[02:31] <Spoike> second argument is its hash value (get it wrong and fte will tell you the right value)
[02:31] <Spoike> additional arguments are mirrors for where to download that file from
01[02:31] <OneManClan> so all the files need to be in paks?
[02:32] <Spoike> yes
[02:32] <Spoike> it also needs extra info
[02:32] <Spoike> like:
[02:32] <Spoike> *game quake
[02:32] <Spoike> *gamedir shadows
01[02:32] <OneManClan> ah
[02:32] <Spoike> which says that it should use your quake dir (and not your quake2 dir)
01[02:32] <OneManClan> yes
[02:32] <Spoike> and should be +gamedir shadows
01[02:33] <OneManClan> ok lemme see what i can do..
01[02:33] <OneManClan> need sleep now
[02:33] <Spoike> I’m just not sure what else it needs
[02:33] <Spoike> something to hide the fact that its quake, I suppose.
[02:33] <Spoike> so you don’t get <— quake initialised —> when you’re running a tc that is in no way related to quake===============

01[15:54] <OneManClan> tbh, I think the FTE ‘brand’ has a bad rep which taints current FTE01[15:54] <OneManClan> tbh, I think the FTE ‘brand’ has a bad rep which taints current FTE[15:54] <Spoike> feel free to rebrand it. :P[15:54] <Spoike> if anything that cuts out the v1.0 release01[15:55] <OneManClan> I suppose people name the exes after their mods01[15:55] <OneManClan> seems.. disrespectful though[15:55] <Spoike> quite often, yes.[15:56] <Spoike> why?01[15:56] <OneManClan> i dunno, like taking your work, and calling it agr.exe01[15:56] <OneManClan> as if I made it[15:56] <Spoike> *shrug*[15:56] <Spoike> its more user friendly01[15:57] <OneManClan> otoh, I suppose as long as theres a nice splashscreen w the FTE logo[15:57] <Spoike> ‘powered by FTE’01[15:57] <OneManClan> “powered by FTEQW” or something[15:57] <Spoike> sure01[15:57] <OneManClan> lol, yea01[15:57] <OneManClan> Im not sure what the etiquette is[15:57] <Spoike> Fortress Team Erm!01[15:58] <OneManClan> so you;d be ‘ok’ with me just renaming the exe ‘AGR’?01[15:58] <OneManClan> so you’d be ‘ok’ with me just renaming the exe agr.exe?[15:58] <Spoike> you could call it FTEAGRGLQW. because *everyone* will instantly know what that stands for.01[15:58] <OneManClan> otoh, *everyone* knows by now whats going on01[15:58] <OneManClan> lol well thats pretty catchy01[15:59] <OneManClan> www.fteagrglqw.com01[15:59] <OneManClan> kinda rolls off the tongue[15:59] <Spoike> lol, sounds like someone gargling.01[15:59] <OneManClan> lol[15:59] <Spoike> I’m absolutely fine with you renaming the exe to whatever the heck you want01[15:59] <OneManClan> ok01[16:00] <OneManClan> thanks01[16:00] <OneManClan> though thb its a little late now[16:00] <Spoike> f_version will still report FTE etc[16:00] <Spoike> I really need to get some manifest stuff sorted out01[16:00] <OneManClan> should have thought of this last year[16:00] <Spoike> so that it can autoconfigure and download everything if needed when its called ‘agr.exe’01[16:00] <OneManClan> but hey,  I had NO idea there’d be this fuking allegience to ezquake[16:00] <Spoike> lol[16:02] <Spoike> I could probably set up the triptohell build bot to build a rebranded exe for you if you really wanted[16:02] <Spoike> or you could just rebrand+build it yourself01[16:02] <OneManClan> ah01[16:03] <OneManClan> well im workin on a zip that contains *everything*[16:03] <Spoike> part of the problem of rebranding an exe is that you’re likely to want to change the icon too01[16:03] <OneManClan> ah, no prob01[16:04] <OneManClan> the other thing is.. im not happy with the mod name01[16:04] <OneManClan> it meant somethign at the start[16:04] <Spoike> anyway, if you give me a ‘gamemode_info_t’ entry, I can add your mod in there so it doesn’t claim to be quake etc[16:04] <Spoike> and picks TF by default, when its called agr.exe01[16:04] <OneManClan> whats a gamemode_info_t entry?[16:05] <Spoike> {“-scouts”, “scouts”, “FTE-SJ”, {“basesj/src/progs.src”,[16:05] <Spoike> “basesj/progs.dat”,[16:05] <Spoike> “basesj/pak0.pak”}, NULL, {“basesj”,          }, “Scouts Journey”},[16:05] <Spoike> that’s the one that gb is using[16:05] <Spoike> there’s an extra argument which is the url of the manifest file, but I’m not sure how useful that is right now[16:06] <Spoike> const char *argname; //used if this was used as a parameter.[16:06] <Spoike> const char *exename; //used if the exe name contains this[16:06] <Spoike> const char *protocolname; //sent to the master server when this is the current gamemode (Typically set for DP compat).[16:06] <Spoike> const char *auniquefile[4]; //used if this file is relative from the gamedir. needs just one file[16:06] <Spoike> const char *customexec;[16:06] <Spoike> const char *dir[4];[16:06] <Spoike> const char *poshname; //Full name for the game.[16:06] <Spoike> const char *manifestfile;[16:06] <Spoike> is the full list01[16:06] <OneManClan> this is… um… stuff to do with the way you (spike) compile it?[16:07] <Spoike> this is part of some array that helps fte figure out what mod its meant to be running[16:07] <Spoike> quake, quake2, quake3 etc all have entries01[16:08] <OneManClan> ok, and this is so that you can provide a specific link for ppl to use…01[16:08] <OneManClan> … or for me to compile it myself?[16:08] <Spoike> in gb’s example, the second argument is scouts.01[16:08] <OneManClan> ie i dont know anythign about this stuff ‘mainfest files’ etc[16:09] <Spoike> so if the exe sees that its called ‘scouts.exe’, it’ll try and find one of those 3 files to verify that the mod is actually installed[16:09] <Spoike> it’ll use the gamedir ‘basesj’ and NOT id1[16:09] <Spoike> and it’ll change the window title etc to ‘scouts journey’01[16:09] <OneManClan> ahhh01[16:10] <OneManClan> so it will no longer be quake/fortress?01[16:10] <OneManClan> it will be quake/agr? (or something)[16:10] <Spoike> scouts journey won’t use quake/fortress, no[16:10] <Spoike> e crap about fmf filesyou might as well leave it as fortress though. better compatibility with other engines.01[16:10] <OneManClan> yea01[16:11] <OneManClan> hey i gtg01[16:11] <OneManClan> dammit[16:11] <Spoike> but it will load up your menu.dat+gamedir etc by default[16:11] <Spoike> I do need to add a manifest-picker menu though01[16:11] <OneManClan> hmm.. im sure it will make sense after i rtfm some more[16:12] <Spoike> lol01[16:12] <OneManClan> ok, later Spoike, thanks


[15:53] <Spoike>





[15:53] <Spoike>[15:53] <Spoike>[15:53] <Spoike> please don’t break stuff with it01[15:54] <OneManClan> assuming someone bought their quake, is there a legal issue w copy pasting it into another folder?[15:54] <Spoike> generally not.01[15:54] <OneManClan> GREAT link, thanks![15:54] <Spoike> depends on your country’s copyright laws…01[16:19] <OneManClan> UPDATEURL “”01[16:19] <OneManClan> ^^^ nice..[16:20] <Spoike> if you say so01[16:20] <OneManClan> why is it that I struggle with the practicle stuff everyone else seems to know?01[16:20] <OneManClan> the concepts I get[16:20] <Spoike> practical?01[16:20] <OneManClan> eg:01[16:20] <OneManClan> “FTE Manifest Files (.fmf) can either be invoked by opening them with FTE (set up a file association)”01[16:20] <OneManClan> ‘invoked’01[16:21] <OneManClan> the word evokes nothign within me[16:21] <Spoike> invoked/used/called/run01[16:21] <OneManClan> ‘set up a file association’01[16:21] <OneManClan> how.. where?01[16:21] <OneManClan> ‘run’ makes more sense[16:21] <Spoike> double click. ‘which program do you want to run it with’01[16:21] <OneManClan> ah[16:22] <Spoike> I suck at documentation because I can’t possibly fathom that people would be complete idiots and not know how to use windows… :P01[16:23] <OneManClan> I suck at learnign because my brain resists ambiguity and ‘confusion'[16:23] <Spoike> there’s no ambiguity.[16:23] <Spoike> there are multiple ways to set up a file association.[16:24] <Spoike> hence why it doesn’t name any specific tool[16:24] <Spoike> because there isn’t any single specific tool01[16:24] <OneManClan> ok[16:25] <Spoike> If I use the words foo and bar, you understand them as metasyntactic variables, yes?01[16:25] <OneManClan> yes[16:25] <Spoike> you understand what I mean by that then? :P01[16:25] <OneManClan> big fan of foo and bar[16:27] <Spoike> right, so just assume *EVERYTHING* is one of those, and you’re good to go! until they’re not.[16:27] <Spoike> which makes life fun01[16:27] <OneManClan> I thought ‘manifest file’ type info was already included in .cfg’s[16:27] <Spoike> some of it is[16:27] <Spoike> fmf files is just a more formal way to do it[16:27] <Spoike> gives clean separation of the various things01[16:27] <OneManClan> ok[16:28] <Spoike> config files cannot contain commands that control the filesystem itself[16:28] <Spoike> by the time the config is execed, the filesystem has already loaded01[16:28] <OneManClan> ah, understood[16:28] <Spoike> this is problematic when it comes to downloading and updates01[16:28] <OneManClan> so Manifest Files are run everytime the game/fte is run?[16:28] <Spoike> the fmf files also contain some branding things so that everything is already set up[16:28] <Spoike> yes[16:29] <Spoike> if an fmf file says a package that is removed from a later one, that old package will not be loaded at all once the fmf is updated[16:30] <Spoike> potentially this means that you can have multiple mods running from the same gamedir, so long as anything that conflicts is stored in a pak/pk301[16:31] <OneManClan> so are you supposed to run the game by clicking on an .fmf file?01[16:31] <OneManClan> ie why would you set up a file association to run FTE via clicking the .fmf file?01[16:31] <OneManClan> i would have thought itd be the othjer way around01[16:32] <OneManClan> click FTE/the exe (with the -yourgame) , and it runs the yourgame.fmf01[16:33] <OneManClan> actually, let me read the whole thing before i ask any more questions[16:37] <Spoike> you can run the game with fteglqw.exe -manfiest foo.fmf if you want01[17:03] <OneManClan> brb01[21:47] <OneManClan> So what is spikeset?01[21:47] <OneManClan> a set of particules you made?01[21:47] <OneManClan> or a set which has been modified (?) for use in fte01[21:48] <OneManClan> i guess both(?)01[21:48] <OneManClan> ah, here we go:[21:49] <OneManClan> “Couldn’t find particle description haze, loading ‘high’ instead”01[21:50] <OneManClan> but then:01[21:50] <OneManClan> ]r_particlesdesc01[21:50] <OneManClan> “r_particledesc” is “haze”01[21:50] <OneManClan> Default: “classic”01[21:51] <OneManClan> ah, i think i get it01[21:51] <OneManClan> .. it cant find ‘haze’, so it uses ‘high’ temporarily, but continues to store the value as ‘haze’01[21:52] <OneManClan> ‘loading’ != ‘switching the valke to’01[21:52] <OneManClan> value01[21:53] <OneManClan> weird ting is that i was using/looking at hazes particles earlier today, in another fte install01[22:45] <OneManClan> Q: the haze particle effects on (one of) my fte installs *is* working, how can i locate which folder it is ‘loading’ the particle effects from?01[22:45] <OneManClan> “flocate haze” says ‘not found”Session Time: Mon Nov 03 00:00:00 2014[00:15] <Spoike> $gamedir/particles/foo.cfg[00:15] <Spoike> flocate particles/foo.cfg01[00:28] <OneManClan> $gamedir/particles/foo.cfg // what does this do?[00:29] <Spoike> what the fuck do you think it does[00:29] <Spoike> NOTHING01[00:29] <OneManClan> ugh[00:29] <Spoike> its a fact,  not a command[00:29] <Spoike> not everything is some console command[00:29] <Spoike> quite often, its an assertion.01[00:30] <OneManClan> ok so are you sayign that thats where particles go/should be located?[00:30] <Spoike> yes.01[00:32] <OneManClan> i thought you were shpwing me how to find out where the working install of fte was ‘finding’ hazes particles[00:32] <Spoike> …01[00:34] <OneManClan> this one works perfectly: C:\Program Files\zelTF\fteglqw.exe01[00:34] <OneManClan> has a bunch of dirs in ‘path’01[00:35] <OneManClan> this one wont load/find hazes particles: C:\test\AttackersGoRed\fteglqw.exe01[00:35] <OneManClan> running via fteglqw.exe” -nohome -basedir .[00:35] <Spoike> flocate particles/foo.cfg01[00:35] <OneManClan> ok[00:36] <Spoike> I do wish you wouldn’t ignore stuff01[00:36] <OneManClan> i’m not.01[00:37] <OneManClan> Ive been running flocate particles/foo.cfg and it isnt finding anything01[00:37] <OneManClan> blood lavaslime01[00:38] <OneManClan> ah got a hit: 01[00:38] <OneManClan> ]flocate particles/blood3.tga01[00:38] <OneManClan> Inside C:\Users\Bon\Documents/My Games/FTE QuakeWorld/fortress/particles/blood3.tga (16428 bytes)01[00:38] <OneManClan>   C:\Users\Bon\Documents/My Games/FTE QuakeWorld/fortress[00:38] <Spoike> and what do you expect it to find?01[00:39] <OneManClan> ok so its finding the tgas here: C:\Users\Bon\Documents\My Games\FTE QuakeWorld\fortress\particles01[00:40] <OneManClan> but ive already copied that folder and put it into C:\test\AttackersGoRed\FORTRESS\particles01[00:43] <OneManClan> but no goi: “Couldn’t find particle description haze, loading ‘high’ instead”01[00:44] <OneManClan> haze.cfg is in C:\test\AttackersGoRed\id1[00:44] <Spoike> you really don’t get it, do you01[00:45] <OneManClan> no i dont :([00:45] <Spoike> particle configs, as indicated by my assertion earlier, should be inside the particles directory.[00:45] <Spoike> which is why haze chose to put his tgas in the same location01[00:46] <OneManClan> hazes cfgs are in C:\test\AttackersGoRed\FORTRESS\particles\haze[00:46] <Spoike> not all of them01[00:46] <OneManClan> the particles themselves (the tgas) are in  C:\test\AttackersGoRed\FORTRESS\particles01[00:46] <OneManClan> except for haze.cfg which is in /id101[00:47] <OneManClan> my main install (lets call it InstallA) has haze.cfg in C:\Program Files\zelTF\id101[00:48] <OneManClan> my ‘stand alone’ install (lets call it InstallB) has haze.cfg in C:\test\AttackersGoRed\id101[00:49] <OneManClan> am I missing somethign really obvious?[00:49] <Spoike> you’re not reading what I said[00:49] <Spoike> completely ignoring it.01[00:50] <OneManClan> <Spoike> flocate particles/foo.cfg //?[00:50] <Spoike> ‘nope, can’t be, ignoring you, but complaining anyway’01[00:50] <OneManClan> clearly Im too newb to decypher the solution[00:51] <Spoike> ‘flocate particles/haze.cfg’ this command prints what?01[00:51] <OneManClan> i told you ‘not found’01[00:51] <OneManClan> InstallA[00:52] <Spoike> and yet you’re surprised about this too:04[00:52] <Spoike> (10:55:27 AM) OneManClan: “Couldn’t find particle description haze, loading ‘high’ instead”[00:52] <Spoike> do you not see that these two things are linked?[00:52] <Spoike> how do I get you to understand that they are.[00:52] <Spoike> because you’re STILL ignoring what I said01[00:52] <OneManClan> Install B is doing that[00:53] <Spoike> PUT YOUR FUCKING CFG IN THE PARTICLES SUBDIR (and then do fs_flush)01[00:53] <OneManClan> you mean here: C:\test\AttackersGoRed\FORTRESS\particles01[00:53] <OneManClan> or here: C:\test\AttackersGoRed\FORTRESS\particles\haze[00:53] <Spoike> the first.[00:54] <Spoike> obviously the first01[00:54] <OneManClan> … why obviosuly?01[00:54] <OneManClan> this is not how InstallA is set up01[00:54] <OneManClan> !?[00:54] <Spoike> because I said particles/haze.cfg not particles/haze/???wherethefuckdidthiscomefrom???.cfg01[00:55] <OneManClan> This just has tgas: (InstallA) C:\Users\Bon\Documents\My Games\FTE QuakeWorld\fortress\particles01[00:55] <OneManClan> InstallA’s cfgs are here: C:\Users\Bon\Documents\My Games\FTE QuakeWorld\fortress\particles\haze01[00:56] <OneManClan> ^^ ive duplicated this for InstakllB!01[00:56] <OneManClan> :s[00:56] <Spoike> FS_LoadFile(va(“particles/%s.cfg”, name), (void**)&file);[00:56] <Spoike> if (!file)[00:56] <Spoike> FS_LoadFile(va(“%s.cfg”, name), (void**)&file);01[00:58] <OneManClan> ok i cut all the cfgs out of: C:\test\AttackersGoRed\FORTRESS\particles\haze01[00:58] <OneManClan> and put them into C:\test\AttackersGoRed\FORTRESS\particles01[00:58] <OneManClan> *with* all the textures01[00:59] <OneManClan> *still* getting: “Couldn’t find particle description haze, loading ‘high’ instead”01[00:59] <OneManClan> losing focus, been at thos for like 3 hours[01:00] <Spoike> r_particledesc is a space-delimited list of names.[01:01] <Spoike> each name is (ideally) prefixed with a particles/ and always postfixed with .cfg[01:01] <Spoike> it is then execed.[01:01] <Spoike> thus if you want to use the effects from pariticles/haze/bob.cfg then you need to specify haze/bob[01:02] <Spoike> if you just want to use haze.cfg then just specify haze. but you should really move the config into the particles/ dir, because that’s the proper place for it01[01:07] <OneManClan> i think ive put every file in every location to try to make this work01[01:07] <OneManClan> it IS working for install A[01:07] <Spoike> fs_flush;vid_restart01[01:07] <OneManClan> i just unzipped hazes zip into the /quake dir, and it worked[01:08] <Spoike> by hacking around without knowing what you’re doing, you’re likely to break stuff01[01:08] <OneManClan> i might leave it there for today01[01:08] <OneManClan> im utterly drained and demoralised01[01:09] <OneManClan> the stench of failure is upon me, lol01[01:09] <OneManClan> ugh01[01:09] <OneManClan> thanx for tryign Spoike



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