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New (and Improved) Kevlar Armour

Americans (USA! USA! USA!) – note the time zone changes. AGR Session starts 1 hour LATER for you .. though considering how some ppl are persistently late, maybe I should stfu… hmm. Anyway, check your timezone below, meanthile: here’s my 5 minutes of power!:

As I said in the video, for some reason Anti-Shock Armour (CustomTF’s ‘Ceramic’ ) protected against *nails*? And Kevlar didn’t. So .. not being able to see any logic in this arrangement.. I changed it – Kevlar now protects against nails, and anti-shock, doesn’t. I’m not even sure if anyone knew that it ever did.. If anyone disagrees, please leave a comment below.

FLAG DROP BUG (part 3) .. FIXED?:
There were no flagdrops last week.. nor today, so it *seems* the flagdrop bug has been fixed.

There was an issue brought to my attention re: FTE and flash grenades. It’s been fixed, and FLASH now works on all clients. Throw one today!! Maybe at this weeks:


What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: TF2 players who wonder why AGR is a thing!

Why: Well, I could ask why is TF2 still a ‘thing’!??! 😉

MAP SCHEDULE: ditch2, dune1

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