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Running and compiling an FTE server


svn up // update

svn diff // show the differences

svn log -l30 // shows the 30 most recent commits

m-dbg DEBUG

m-rel release

$ make makelibs -j4 FTE_TARGET=win64 && make m-dbg -j4 FTE_TARGET=win64

more info here.



while true; do

# 2.5 omc: THIS is the command line which runs the server binary generated by:
# quake/fteqw-code/engine
# svn up
# make sv-rel
# the binary ends up in: release/fteqw-sv

./fteqw-code/engine/release/fteqw-sv +set worker_count 0 +gamedir fortress -port 26666 -mem 256 -nohome -condebug +developer 0 -nodumpstack

echo “Server died, restarting in 5 seconds…”
sleep 5

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