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Berserker Redux

Hey people!!!

Well.. it’s been AGES since the last update (November!!). I’ve been in ‘programming’ headspace, which is kinda too introverted to get into ‘video making’ headspace. That’s my excuse anyway. Anyway, I’m all excited about the upcoming AGRv5, and am ready to return to the promised regular weekly updates. So…lets get into it!:

The USA recently had a daylight savings change, Australias is coming up next week, so everyone needs to check here to confirm what 23:00 GMT/UTC is for YOU. I *think* the sessions are one hour *later* for northern hemisphere, one hour earlier for southern?? Click the link!

Ok, I’m assuming EVERYONE reading this has seen the Rock2ober 2015 (Part 1). If you’re new around here, you need to stop reading NOW, get yourself a drink, sit down, get comfy, and click HERE.

The “Big Game Maker”, the “AGR Alarm”, maybe it should be called the “Stand By List” – any ideas? Anyway it’s been too quiet, and we need to discuss the situation with 32 player games again soon, meanwhile here’s the link you should ALL be using.

Rather than freaking people out w all the new stuff, I’m going to slowly introduce new features, one a week. This means:

  1. People get used to one change at a time
  2. Any bugs can be┬ádetected easier, and isolated to the ‘update of the week’
  3. I get a whole week to fix any bug!
  4. There’s too much to talk about in one week anyway



Berserker has been sitting there, practically ignored for years, so I figured it was time for a rewrite. Introducing: The New Berserker!:

  1. Increases your rate of fire for 10 seconds.
  2. Reloads are also quicker.
  3. Every shot you fire reduces your health by 1 point.
  4. Any special armours you have bought don’t work while Berserkering.
  5. You have to wait 60 seconds to do it again.


Too much? Too little? Lets see how it affects gameplay, and assess the situation. It’s on the server now if you want to test it. Meanwhile, get ready for two days of TF insanity at this weekend’s:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: TF Warriors

Why: To get your TF Fix!

MAP SCHEDULE: dune1 & frontlin??

Note: It’s the last weekend of the month and as always with the Weekly AGR Sessions, that means SPAMADELLICA MODE!



So… GO NUTS!!!

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