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Absolute beginners guide to sprites

WHY use sprites?

To maintain compativility with ezquake, otherwise use tga


  1. GIMP
  2. Fimg

How do I make a sprite?

  1. Gimp: make new image
  2. Windows->dockable dialogs->Pallettes
  3. right click anywhere on the list of existing palletes, and select import pallette
  4. Select source – pallette file, load your quake pallete
  5. If you dont have it, get it from here
  6. then image->mode->indexed
  7. select the quake pallette
  8. make the image
  9. export as BMP
  10. tick “do not write color space information”
  11. Fimg: open foo.bmp, and save as foo.spr


  1. index 255 is transparent
  2. ¬†‘gl_blendsprites 0’ to make the sprite opaque
  3. LadyHavoc: or use .spr32 which is a 32bit RGBA version of .spr, or .sp2 which is the quake2 sprite format which can use .pcx and .tga and such directly, or use a .md3 with appropriate shaders…


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