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Mid-November Newsletter

Hi people!
Recovered from Rock2ober 2016 yet? 🙂 Been enjoying the Rock2ober 2015 Movie!?! Me too!, Ok, lots of news, and things to talk about, so lets get right into it!

Many people in the USA (congrats on your new President btw) have been showing up an hour late to the Weekly AGR Sessions. I think Americans had daylight savings a few weeks ago, and set clocks back(?) one hour, so the Sessions are one hour *earlier* for you. Check here to confirm.

It was painful typing the headline above, but there’s no denying the truth – there was a technical problem, and unfortunately, the mvds of Rock2ober 2016 were corrupted. Yes, I know, I know. I blame myself. I was so busy with finishing the Rock2ober 2015 Movie, there were issues with updating the game engine to the latest version, and I assumed that the recent changes to AGR (v5 is coming soon!) wouldn’t affect mvds, but they did. They can still be viewed in their broken form, but the scoreboard, skins, and some entities are messed up. I might upload them anyway for the die hard fans, though personally, they are too depressingly frustrating to watch. Maybe the explosions where the gibs are replaced with pieces of bagpiping fiends have an entertainment value; the chatting is all there, and the player movements. Anyway, there it is. If by any chance you recorded a dem file, PLEASE let me know – maybe that can be used somehow.

Well, the good news is that everyone who has seen it seems to LOVE it, the bad news is that the viewcount .. hasn’t even hit 200 yet, and it’s been 2 weeks! I didn’t promote it as much as the last one, thinking that I shouldn’t need to, it’s reputation would speak for itself.. but now I realise why even major movies with, awesome reputations, major stars, and millions of existing die-hard fans STILL need to spend zillions on advertising. Lesson learned.

This invention is the greatest thing since sliced bread, the secret weapon that can save Q1 TF – but .. hardly anyone is using The AGR Alarm – WHY NOT?!?!? Have I not explained the concept properly? It’s a way for your computer to tell YOU when theres enough players for a game, with NO EFFORT required on your part. Was the video I made (when it was called the BGM) not good enough? Do people not see the benefit? Talk to me people – this could be the thing that brings back the era of 32 player games. Are people not interested in 32 player games? Your feedback greatly needed!!

2FORTEMBER 2016 proposed date: Sat 17th December
2fortember is an unapologetic Rock2ober Ripoff, same deal, not as flamboyant, more low key, and of course a different map .. hmm now that I think about it, THIS could be next years movie (!?). I dunno. Anyway, yes if we ALL get together on the same day, (17th December 2016) at the same time (23:00 GMT), at the same place (, we get have a (hopefully) MASSIVE 2fort5r game, and who knows – crack the elusive 32 player barrier!!!

Meanwhile, get ready for two days of TF insanity at this weekend’s:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 19:00 EST/ 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: TF Warriors

Why: To get your TF Fix!

MAP SCHEDULE: braveheart & oppose1??

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