Rock2ober thoughts and a BGM (re)name ?

Ok, LAST CALL to tell me if you cannot make the proposed date for Rock2ober 2016:

October 22nd 2016, at 23:00GMT .

Find out what time that is for YOU, HERE.


THE BGM “Big Game Maker” UPDATE:
Also, here’s a video I uploaded during the week regarding the BGM, the amazing invention which allows YOU to be INFORMED, the INSTANT there are enough players available for a game. Just log in with your registered playername, and the email address you use for the AGR Mailing List. Anyway, the ‘BGM’ probably needs a rename .. someone thought it stood for ‘background music’, which in all fairness IS a way it’s commonly used.. Anyway, as I said in this weeks vid, I wanted to see how many subscribers would watch it, and the answer is: not NEARLY as many than those who are on the Mailing List, anyway, here’s the link:

Meanwhile, get ready for eye ball popping (ugh.. sorry) action at this week’s:

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 19:00 EST/ 23:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: People with diaries

Why: So you can write down ‘Rock2ober 2016’

MAP SCHEDULE: sewer1p & blue1??

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