Return of the Weekly Videos

Hey people! It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, hope you’re all doing great. Lots to talk about, so lets get right into it! First of all:

Had an email this week from good ol’ Wizzy, one of the stars of the Rock2ober 2014 movies asking whether the Weekly AGR Sessions are still happening (!) and I suddenly realised (to my horror) that, while I took it for granted that everyone knows by now that the answer to that question is a resounding YES, there are those who might not know the answer is YES! Many of the Rock2ober participants might not realise that we still play EVERY WEEK. And in all fairness, who could blame them. No AGRMania videos, news of the Rock2ober 2015 movie, and the last update to this site was Feb 2016 – 6 months ago!! So to all those who don’t know, YES, the Weekly AGR Sessions are still going, every Saturdays AND Sundays starting at 23:00GMT, and YES, the AGR bandwagon is rolling along! The wheels might be creaky, but the ride is still spectacular!

Now to the question of why I haven’t been doing the videos. There are 3 main reasons. Firstly, I’ve been distracted by other AGR things, time seems to be moving fast, and by the time ‘make a video time’ comes around, it’s already ‘the night before’ and my main priority is to get a good nights sleep, so I can perform my best at the Weekly AGR Sessions (which for me, in Australia time starts at 9am). The second reason, is that I wanted to see if the Sessions could ‘survive’ without the weekly emails, and videos. The answer is YES, but clearly … some fans of the Weekly AGR update don’t KNOW that the answer is YES. So, I’m gonna start doing them every week, and believe me, there is HEAPS to talk about! Finally:

I’ve been deeply embarrassed at how long the Rock2ober 2015 Video is taking to finish, a lot of it wasn’t my fault, but in all fairness, some of it was. I did make a few videos… but didn’t upload them, because I heard my self saying “the video will be ready soon”, and told myself I wasn’t going to upload a vid until it I could say “Here’s the Movie guys, enjoy!!” Anyway, I’ll do another post re “what happened”, latest saga has been ‘The Great Hard Drive failure of 2016!’ (which explains why this week’s video is a simplified no-frills affair), anyway, let me say things are (*appear* to be?) back on track, and I’m doing the best I can. Meanwhile:

As explained in  this week’s vid, DACREEPASLAYA has uploaded his vid of Rock2ober 2015!! His POV, what he saw, what he felt, what he did! I LOVED IT, and think that all AGR fans need to check it out!

BGM <-click here NOW!
This is the essential link for all AGR/TF fans who don’t just yearn for the return of BIG GAMES, but want to MAKE THEM HAPPEN! Check it out, and make it happen!

Please make sure you’re registered BEFORE the Weekly AGR Sessions. Connect to with your registered player name, and read the message when you spawn. Any issues contact me. To make sure you’re always registered, regardless of IP, make sure you’re using the AGR client, type: ‘cl_sendguid 1’ at the console, and then ‘save all settings’ (options-> save all settings). More info re: AGR Registration.

That’s it for now people, see you at this weeks:


What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Saturday AND Sundays 23:00 GMT/ 19:00 EST. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: Regulars, and people who saw the last post here was Feb, and didn’t realise the Sessions are STILL HAPPENING!

Why: Because YOUR PRESENCE can change the outcome of the game!

MAP SCHEDULE: STREET.. and you tell me!

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