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Weekly AGR Session: 21st July 2013

What: Weekly AGR Session


When: Sunday 22:00 GMT. Convert this to your timezone here.

Who: You

Why: We don’t really need a ‘why’ here, do we?

MAP SCHEDULE = flib, well6, genders2

Here’s a link to a w0rk-in-progress webpage about AGR Voice2Demo

FTE the official AGR Client:
Download the official AGR approved FTE here!
AGR VENTRILLO SERVER [Note: this is being phased out]
We use a voice chat ventrillo for voice chat during AGR games. Download it, install it, and connect to, port 4298, AGR (Red+Blue) channels. Password is sent to those on the AGR Mailing List, but if you ask nicely during the game, someone might help you out.

Bad News: The old site here, is no longer working. Good News the demos have all been saved, and new ones are available upon request

6 comments to Weekly AGR Session: 21st July 2013

  • sapphired

    >Good News the demos have all been saved, and >new ones are available upon request
    Old demos saved and available for the history)
    MAP SCHEDULE = flib, well6, genders2

  • Wolfgang

    Session was riddled with bugs, glitches, false starts, restarts and the usual ‘light sabotage’ or as I like to call it “Sabotage Lite”. Only right at the end of Genders did I feel like I was playing a serious game of Quake TF

    • OneManClan

      Yea I agree. The ‘flag return’ bug required a restart, as well as the weird lag which was caused by some bug which printed all this error info. I’m pretty sure those can be fixed, but the ‘info string exceeded’ bug is still a mystery at the moment. Anyway yes, at least genders did have some fine moments. Hopefully everything will be 100% next week. Here’s the demo of today’s gender2 match. It was great, but it’s hard to top last time, when one of my soldiers was promoted to Field Marshall!

    • sapphired

      >Sabotage Lite
      lol, part of the AGR action)
      I think session was boring like 5/10

      How its possible to stimulate adult players play serious like clan match 🙁 may be some kind of awards…but..

      genders?? those map 10 mins played and after – sniper war 2vs3? u kidding me?

  • haze

    a system where 2 captains are promoted, red and blue, a ‘coin is tossed’ to see who picks first, then are able to select players for their teams, then, through team chat, designate defensive positions to their teammates, and organize a strategy for 5 minutes before the match starts.

    in other words exactly how amazing pickup games ran for years, except organized in the server itself rather than IRC.

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