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mellee doesnt help w disarm sgs didnt fire on flag carrier (invis?) lost contact w sold2 sold doesnt resume walking beat after enemy contact Sold does weird flyign through air thing town4 respawns arent random dropped flag freezes midair for a second before drop SG firing animation when not firing spy hack for . . . → Read More

Absolute beginners guide to Q1 models

Awesome site 1: Tome of Preach

Awesome site 2: Phillip Nahratow



Quake in a browser

get the 4 files + pak upload them to your web server

for better peformance use gzip and Etags


alt tab fucks up your mouse

only works w firebox



<Spoike> firstly you need some html that creates a canvas. <OneManClan> yea, like that horrot game w the screaming woman <Spoike> . . . → Read More

Manifests and Running FTE in a browser

<Spoike> got an http mirror for your pak files? 01[13:56] <OneManClan> u mean the skins thing? that isnt up get [13:56] <Spoike> I mean in general tbh 01[13:56] <OneManClan> ie todays weirdness is not related to skins 01[13:56] <OneManClan> um not really [13:56] <Spoike> I’ve been working on the browser stuff again. 01[13:57] <OneManClan> . . . → Read More

Absolute beginners guide to map making

1. qbsp 2. vis 3. light

Running and compiling an FTE server


while true; do

# 2.5 omc: THIS is the command line which runs the server binary generated by: # quake/fteqw-code/engine # svn up # make sv-rel # the binary ends up in: release/fteqw-sv

./fteqw-code/engine/release/fteqw-sv +set worker_count 0 +gamedir fortress -port 26666 -mem 256 -nohome -condebug +developer 0 -nodumpstack . .

echo “Server died, . . . → Read More

Absolute beginners guide to sending clients pk3s

The full title of this tutorial should be “Absolute beginners guide to getting FTE clients to automatically download the files they need, while allowing older (non-CSQC compatible) clients to connect without crashing”. Or “How to make a modern Quake engine (CSQC, shaders, particles, iqms etc ) compatible with older clients, so that they can . . . → Read More

Absolute beginners guide to dimension_*

foo |= D_SOMETHING; // setting foo -= foo & D_SOMETHING; // removing if(foo & D_SOMETHING) // checking

x = denotes ‘it doesnt matter’ 0000 0000 1111 1111 // default / initial settings

// deafness // writebyte effects are sent with global: dimension_send 0000 0000 0000 0001 //or if its an entity making the sound: . . . → Read More

Absolute beginners guide to pk3s (draft)

By using precache_ functions, and making sure the files are on your server, clients will automatically download the files below.

Files which Quake (FTE) automatically sends to clients. 1. models (*.mdl) / precache_model() 2. iqms (*iqm) / precache_model() 3. the iqm’s image files (*tga, *.png, *.jpg) / precache_pic() 4. particle scripts (*.cfg)  /particleeffectnum() 5. . . . → Read More

Absolute beginners TF map making by Grimm

copied from hereTF Map Making Tutorial[ Back – Home – D/L Tutor ]The Team Fortress Map Making Tutor. v1.1by: grimm [502]


0.0 New Since v1.0

1. Basic intro

1.1 Introduction 1.2 File Listing 1.3 What is TF? 1.4 How do I make a TF map?

2. Entity specifics

2.1 Tool & trick of . . . → Read More