‘TF Concepts and Strategies’ (c) 1998 (Part 2)

.. part 2 of ‘TF Concepts and Strategies’, in which OMC (who at the time was a proponent of FR D) gets schooled in the mechanics of RR D! . . . → Read More

‘TF Concepts and Strategies’ (c) 1998 (Pt 1)

[Ok guys here it is, lets go into the vault, into the TF archives, all the way back to 1998, for a rare insight into the mind of OMC six months (!!) after I first played TF – yes, it’s my never before seen, unfinished ‘book’ on TF strategy, written in 1998, pre . . . → Read More

Demoman Basics (by Supa)


This class has three tools that no other class has: the Grenade Launcher, Pipebombs and the Detpack. All three do heavy damage over a radius *but* they are each suited for a different role.. . . . → Read More

z7 Tesla defense

z7 defenders

Z7 defense

This is an ancient tutorial, basically me practicing making a vid and uploading. The sound and ‘vid’ quality is a little embarrassing, but the info is still valid, so (until I make an updated version) here it is!